Mac Pro Now Starts with 512GB of Storage

Just after Apple introduced the all-new Mac Studio, Apple made some quiet changes to the Mac Pro’s configurations. Starting this week, the base storage for the Mac Pro is bumped from a paltry 256GB option (the original storage option this came with when it first debuted) to a more reasonable 512GB option. Do note that a 512GB option wasn’t an available configuration until now. This is now in line with the rest of Apple’s higher-end Mac models that start at 512GB of storage. The big company also made the AMD Radeon Pro W6600X graphics available as a $300 premium for the Mac Pro.

The current iteration of Mac Pro was introduced at WWDC 2019, and it was release in December 2019. After Apple discontinued the 27-inch iMac, this computer, along with the $1099 Mac mini, are the only models that Apple still sells that uses Intel processors. It was subtlety announced in the “Peek Performance” event that a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is in the works, but “that was for another day.”

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Although we could see this upcoming product as soon as this year’s WWDC, recent rumors indicated that we might not see the said model until next year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has previously speculated that the upcoming Mac Pro will feature two chip configurations: one with a 20-core CPU/64-core GPU and another with a 40-core CPU/128-core GPU.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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