Hiring Web 3.0 developers in the most profitable way: an up-to-date guide

Appleosophy | Hiring Web 3.0 developers in the most profitable way: an up-to-date guide
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Web 3.0 mainly refers to the next generation of web applications mainly termed by the Ethereum community. It is not just an evolution of web 2.0, but it is a revolution in how we perceive the Internet and how it affects our daily lifestyle. So, you may wonder how you can achieve it? The answer is simple, hire Web3 programmers to help you out!

Web 3.0 is mainly noted as the Internet’s future decentralized based on peer-to-peer networks instead of the centralized servers controlled by the individual entity. The world is where the users can interact without any middlemen. It becomes easier to store data securely on their devices and share it with others without any limitations from third parties, and where there is nothing to worry about censorship or privacy invasions from the more giant corporations.

The competent Web3 developer knows the entire power of Web3, having the correct type of technology stacking to support all their initiatives.

Computer programming
Computer programming

Skills the Web2 developers should have

To become a Web3 developer or blockchain developer should have proficiency in blockchain technology, and Web3 developers are in greater demand due to their knowledge and skills.

The blockchain is considered a decentralized ledger with the efficiency of recording the transactions between the two parties, which are permanent and verifiable. It is generally used as a ledger for tracking the ownership and transferring the assets such as Bitcoin. The blockchain has numerous applications outside cryptocurrency, including creating memorable records of events or digital data or tracking shipments.

Skills to Hire Web3 Programmers 

We have discussed all the technical skills and expert Web3 developers for hire should have. However, we will dive deeper into the tech skills the developer should mainly use in their work!

  • Smart contracts:

Smart contracts are the cryptographic protocols on the blockchain network. They work within the blockchain and are unbreakable. These smart contracts also contributed to the processing speed of Ethereum. Whenever you hire a Web3 developer, you should understand that the programming language they often use for smart contracts in Solidity. Several developers are using remix IDE for scribbling, compiling, and deploying the contracts.

  • Nodes:

Nodes are mainly the servers making up the entire blockchain as they store copies and process the transactions. When you hire Web3 developers, it is essential to ensure that the professionals have in-depth knowledge about the network nodes. The more nodes, the more decentralized it is, as the nodes are less likely to fail whenever they depend on each other for necessary information. The dApp cannot start interacting with the smart contracts without these nodes.

  • Web3 SDKs:

The Web3 SDKs are essential to building almost every dApp and offer the requisite tools for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

They are also known as the “Ethereum JavaScript API.” There are popular ones like the Parity and Geth. They even allow the developers to deploy and create smart contracts on Ethereum’s blockchain. The Web3 SDKs are used to create a wallet to interact with the ICO contract or start building up a decentralized exchange.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets:

The crypto wallet is considered a software program and a hardware device, storing private and public keys, passwords, usernames, and other details. It is generally used for sending and receiving digital currency, monitoring the balances, and performing better transactions on the blockchain.

The Crypto wallets come in different types depending on the device it is mainly accessed from. The hardware wallets mainly store the private keys for the users in a secured hardware device that does not allow interaction with the external world other than signing the transactions within it. ETH or ethers wallet for Web3 is created using a common language such as Java, Python, or PHP.

When you hire Web3 coders, they use CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Bootstrap 4 framework for front-end development. NodeJS for server-side JavaScript, Solidity for the clever contract programming language, ReactJS for front-end JavaScript library, and Git for version control systems. 

Concluding thoughts

When you hire Web3 programmer, your business will see rays of sunshine. The market has a massive demand for Web3 Developers while the supply is low. Hiring someone with a better understanding of the frameworks and technologies they will use is essential. It will help them become more efficient in their tasks and thereby help you save time in your hiring processes.

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