iOS 16 Beta 5 Adds ‘Copy and Delete’ Option for Less Clutter of Screenshots

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Have you ever taken so many screenshots on your iPhone and shared them with your friends for various reasons only to find that you’ve had several screenshots buried in your photos library? Thanks to the latest beta of iOS 16, you can now say goodbye to cluttering your library with screenshots that are no longer needed.

When you take a screenshot and tap on ‘Done’, you’ll see a new menu option called ‘Copy and Delete’, which allows you to copy that screenshot, and iOS will automatically delete that screenshot for you. That way, you can still paste that screenshot in Notes or share it in Messages without worrying about the potential clutter in Photos. This is similar to how macOS implements the screenshot feature. When you right-click the screenshot’s thumbnail version on the bottom-right corner, you can select ‘Save to Clipboard’ so that it’ll still be in your clipboard whenever you’re ready to paste or share it.

This handy, new feature is what I would find super helpful whenever I need to take screenshots and later paste them into a document or note for documentation. We’ll likely see the same feature on iPadOS 16; however, the public release will reportedly be postponed to October. We expect Apple to release iOS 16 to the public next month with even more improvements to the table such as the battery percentage of modern iPhones.

Will you find this feature useful? Let us know in the comments, and follow us on Twitter, so you’ll get the latest news when they come out.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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