New Duolingo Design Begins Rolling Out to iOS Users

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Courtesy: Duolingo

Whether you’ve used the Duolingo app once or twice to really see if Arabic is hard to learn, or have used it for 4 years and still have a running streak; we can all relate to how tedious it is to collect all those crowns. Well, back in May, Duolingo released plans for a new “Learning Path” design to urge users to spend more time on each topic and make the experience of learning a new language much easier.

Rest assured, the new design is actually not removing or adding any extra material. Although the content itself is moved away from tabs into a single timeline where you can easily see what is relevant at your level, and what you should have done 20 lessons ago. Mastering units is also presented in a better way, as previously you would need to explore yourself to find it, while the new design encourages us to completely master every unit.

Illustratory image from Duolingo's blogpost.
Courtesy: Duolingo

“The new path strategically guides you through course content, and our experts made sure that this new path drew on learning science!”

And for those of you, me included, who completely forget that Duolingo exists for extended periods – coming back after a break has never been easier – masteries no longer “crack”, as the new learning path will prompt you to practice old skills.

What do you think of the new learning path? Would you prefer the old one over the redesign? Let us know on Twitter @Appleosophy!

Thomas Jensen
Author: Thomas Jensen

18 years old writer for Appleosophy. Also a freelance frontend developer.

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22 days ago

Hated it

11 days ago

It looks like a version for kids. I cannot stand the cartoon like style and the bright colors. It’s very destructive. Thank’s God for the neutral style that still exists on the web version. And all the nice features too. Like the broken lesson to remind us to review them in a while.

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