Don’t miss your chance to own part of Twitter!

Own a part of Twitter.

Twitter has been the center spotlight of the media ever since Elon Musk took ownership of the tech giant. Even though Musk took the company private, you could still be in with a chance to own part of Twitter – kinda…

Auctioneer Heritage Global Partners (HGP) has set up an auction page with over 630 items from Twitter’s corporate office clear out. These items range from TVs to tables and are all fetching a hefty buck for Twitter as they cut down on unused assets. This news also comes after Elon laid off hundreds of staff across Twitter’s different teams.

HGP Auction Page for Twitter’s Corporate Assets

Neon Twitter Bird Light Electrical Display

The famous Twitter Bird, also known as Larry – is on sale for a “reasonable” sum of $22,500 (at the time of writing). Buyers pay a premium of 18% PLUS sales tax which comes to an extra 8.63%.

Twitter Bird Statue

For those not interested in a neon light, one lucky buyer can get their hands on a different version of “Larry” for just two thousand dollars less (at the time of writing).

Other items are listed, however some are more interesting than others. Industrial kitchen equipment was big on the list alongside other office supplied like tables, desks and chairs. Some tech is also available, ranging from iMacs to IP Phones to TVs of varying kind and size as well as the other standout sculpture of an @ symbol with plants within it. You can click the links above to view the acution page for yourself and have the opportunity to buy up old stock from Twitter as a part of history!

Leave a comment or send us a Tweet on @Appleosophy on Twitter if you find this interesting or happen to win any of the auctions – we’d love to hear from you!

Chris Grainger
Author: Chris Grainger

Chris is a tech enthusiast always looking for new products and services to try out and share with his awesome community of Apple fellows on Appleosophy!

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