A First Look at Vision Pro’s Travel Mode

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Appleosophy | A First Look at Vision Pro's Travel Mode

Every time you go on a plane, you always need to activate Airplane Mode across all of your Apple devices. A feature related to that actually appears on the first developer beta of visionOS called “Travel Mode”, which aims to provide a smoother experience for those who travel by plane, especially given the constraints within the airplane cabin’s space.

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MacRumors has discovered key prompts for this new feature, with some of these text strings could provide reasoning:

  • Are you on an airplane?
  • If you’re on an airplane, you’ll need to keep Travel Mode on to continue using your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌.
  • Remain stationary in Travel Mode.
    • This might be a safety precaution to ensure the safety of the user and respect for fellow passengers by preventing the user from moving around or making large gestures while on a plane.
  • Remain stationary while this mode turns off.
  • Some awareness features will be off.
    • This suggests that some advanced sensors and features might be deactivated or limited for a user to still have an optimized VR experience when the plane is moving.
  • The current fit may reduce gaze accuracy.
    • One potential problem with plane seats is that the Vision Pro might not sit properly when your head leans on the headrest. So Travel Mode could make adjustments to compensate for this issue.
  • Turn on Travel Mode when you’re on an airplane to continue using your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌.
  • Your representation is unavailable while Travel Mode is on.
    • Because of the constrained space and disabled awareness features that we talked about, Digital Personas, used for avatars of yourself and your friends, would most likely be disabled.

Apple has always been known to consider all factors when it comes to providing the best product experience for its customers, especially if the user would use the Vision Pro on a plane. Because Travel Mode is still in beta, we could see even more enhancements and features down the road before this gets finalized for the public release.

You can get a preview what visionOS will bring by downloading the latest Xcode beta here and running the simulator from there.

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