Opinion: My experience using Apple Pay in the AMC Theaters app

It’s been quite a time for the movie theater industry since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

Let it be known that I am quite the introvert, as many of my friends would say. I would much rather stream a brand new movie on a streaming service than go to a movie theater to watch one. However, I had a very close friend of mine in town and we decided to see a new movie in a theater (he really likes them).

Before this past Saturday night, I had not stepped foot into a movie theater for a brand new movie since June 2019 to see “Toy Story 4.”

Since my friend and I were seeing the new “Spider-Man: No Way Home” movie, I figured it would be a good idea to buy our tickets before the movie started just so we would make sure to have them, as well as not stand in line (if there was one).

Once I had the app downloaded on my iPhone 12 Mini, I went and made the ticket purchase. It was great to see that Apple Pay payment method option at the checkout, as that was a feature we reported this past November.

Of course, I used it and paid for the tickets with my Apple Card. If I didn’t like the movie, at least I was going to get my 2% in Daily Cash on the purchase.

When the time came and my friend and I arrived at the movie theater, I had to take my iPhone out so the person there could scan the tickets. This did take about a couple of minutes since the worker had to use a scanner that was not exactly great when it came to scanning QR codes.

It is that struggle that made me think that AMC, if it has not done so already, needs invest in better scanners for QR codes. These scanners need to be pinpoint accurate, similar to the ones you might see at Starbucks or select gas stations for rewards cards.

While this inconvenience for me only last a couple of minutes, if I was in a hurry, this problem could have been much worse. After all, one of the major aspects of buying tickets online is to skip the lines and be able to get in as fast as possible.

I also noticed that when my friend bought snacks from the concessions area, the card readers inside are still not accepting Apple Pay. The good news is they do look like the feature could be turned on and accept Apple Pay in them one day, as that is planned for this year.

Overall, I will say that it was not a bad experience. I was able to pay with my preferred payment method and it didn’t take too long to get my digital tickets/QR ticket code scanned. Like with everything, there is room for improvement that hopefully AMC will look into updating and fixing this year.

As for the movie itself? Well…let’s just say I wasn’t impressed.


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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