Opinion: Here is my “Apple Card Replay” 2022

Appleosophy | Opinion: Here is my “Apple Card Replay” 2022
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Since you can see who your top merchants are for the year on Apple Card, here is what my, what I am calling “Apple Card Replay,” says about me and my purchases this year with it.

Below you can see a photo of my top merchants, which are Best Buy, Apple, Apple Store, Target, and Doctor On Demand.

Appleosophy | Opinion: Here is my “Apple Card Replay” 2022

  • Best Buy: Most of this was my purchase of my iPad Air fifth generation with the Magic Keyboard case attached to it. The other two purchases were a cable and an adapter. It’s not abnormal for me in a year to spend a lot of money with Best Buy since, well, they do have cheaper prices for consumer electronics that other companies, and the fact that I genuinely enjoy shopping at Best Buy overall.


  • Apple: These purchases are the services that I pay for monthly and mostly any purchase that I make through iTunes or the App Store. Regular purchases for me are things like my Apple Music, Paramount+, iCloud storage, etc, and yearly subscriptions like Tweetbot, Day One Journal, and CARROT Weather.  Also, you gotta get that 3% Daily Cash because for those, it’s easy.


  • Apple Store: Most of that was for the Apple TV HD I bought my mom for her birthday this year and the other purchase was an AirTag. To be honest, since I do have an Apple Store pretty close to me now, I thought I would go to it more, but nowadays I find myself finding more excuses not to go to the mall where it is located. What can I say, I’m introverted and will avoid large crowds and noise-filled rooms every chance I get.


  • Target: What can I say, I have two locations within 5-10 minutes of my apartment and it’s a way better alternative to Walmart. It also helps when the stores have all of their seasonal and holiday stuff up 2-4 months before the actual season because then I get ideas about things I want and end up making purchases that way.


  • Doctor On Demand: Honestly, it’s the best healthcare service I have ever used and is so convenient. To get my full thoughts on this service, be sure to read my review of it.

What are your thoughts on my Apple Card Replay 2022? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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