Ranking the Most Popular Social Games in iTunes in 2023

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Appleosophy | Ranking the Most Popular Social Games in iTunes in 2023

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile gaming and iTunes is packed with a vast range of gaming titles. Throughout 2023, social games continued to rise in popularity and there are plenty of new and classic social games to enjoy in the iTunes catalog, including real dealer casino games at online casinos that accept Apple Pay. Read on as we rank the most popular social games available on iTunes in 2023.

1. Among Us

This game may be five years old at the time of writing but Among Us remained one of the most popular social games in iTunes in 2023. It took two years for Among Us to really take off in the mobile gaming world but despite a couple of small technical issues along the way, it is now one of the world’s top social games.

The premise of the game is simply and there are eight crew members on a ship who must solve puzzles but there are two members who are trying to secretly murder everyone else towin. The beauty of the game is the fact there are real people controlling every character in the game and the aim is to trick those people, not the computer. Another aspect of Among Us that sees it ranked as the top gaming apps in iTunes for 2022 is how easy it is to pick up and play. Anyone who has a basic grasp of mobile gaming can play the game and Among Us has led the way for many of the other top social games of the past two years.

Appleosophy | Ranking the Most Popular Social Games in iTunes in 2023

2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Having started life as a console and PC game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made the successful switch to mobile. PUBG mobile is free to play and the publisher claims over 1 billion people have played the game across all platforms, including iOS devices. Known as the classic battle royale game, PUBG mobile is as close to the original game as possible and many gamers believe it plays better than the console version of the game. The multiplayer shooter is a combat and survival game and players parachute into an arena and compete to be the last person standing. Players can chat with each other throughout the game and there is plenty of banter. Some players will choose to confront each other whereas some will choose to hide and carefully pick their time to enter the action.

3. Minecraft

This is another mobile social game that has stood the test of time and Minecraft is still regarded as one of the top games in the iTunes catalog. Minecraft is the ultimate collaboration game where players work together to build stunning worlds and fight off creatures. Like PUBG mobile, the controls for playing Minecraft on an iPhone are not easy to master but with a little practice, it soon becomes straightforward. Simply invite a friend and start creating a new world.

4. Spaceteam

In terms of social games on iTunes, there are few better than Spaceteam. This is a local cooperative multiplayer video game available to download for free from the app store and every player must connect their iPhone or iPad using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enter the same game. Spaceteam is a mobile social game for two to eight players and each player has a control panel on the screen of their own device. Each player receives different orders and must deliver them by shouting to the player who has the control panel for that specific order. Following each successful operation, the gameplay increases in difficulty and keeping calm and relaying the correct instructions is vital.

5. Fortnite

No ranking of the most popular social games from iTunes in 2022 would be complete without Fortnite. The mobile edition of the game allows players to link-up and form a squad. Live chat is available when playing Fortnite on an iPhone and cross platform play is on offer, meaning the game could be contested between players using various devices. The battle royale begins with 100 players and the aim is to be the last person standing. However, during a round the map begins to shrink, giving players less space to hide.

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